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Active Wheelchair NeoFly

Active Wheelchair NeoFly
Active Wheelchair NeoFly
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Active Wheelchair NeoFly
Active Wheelchair NeoFly

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Active Wheelchair NeoFly
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Active Wheelchair NeoFly 

Neo Fly is the first Indian Wheelchair that is customized to the user. It is built to add higher comfort, higher mobility, higher maneuverability, and higher ergonomics.

NeoFly Limited Warranty Details

Two Years

Wheelchair Main Chassis (Steel)

One Year

 Backrest Chassis (Aluminum)

Armrest Chassis (Aluminum)

Rear Wheel Rim

Rear Wheel Hub

Push Rim

Wheel Mount Clamps

Rear Wheel Quick Release Axle

Caster Wheel - 6 Inch Metal

Caster Wheel Fork

Backrest Tension Adjustment Strap

Seat Tension Adjustment Strap

Six Months


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