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User Manual for Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair 

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For convenience, your wheelchair has two mechanisms. The drive and freewheel mechanism. It changes through the clutch.

The drive/freewheel mechanism is situated to the motor. These levers will allow you to disengage the drive mechanism and have the wheelchair in freewheel mode. Always

Leave in drive mode, the free wheel facility is there only to allow the chair to be pushed manually when the need arises(i.e., to store or push a tight space).                                                                                                                                              

1. there is one clutch in each of motor.

2. turn to inside and parallel with the motor is in the drive mode.

3. turn to the outside is in the freewheel mode.



The joystick can be also changed from right to be left-hand drive. The joystick is can be extended and shortened, you can take the following way.


Footrest Plate

You can adjust your footrest up and down when it is not suitable for yourself

Please adjust the extension tube through the screw in the tube.

Taking off: To push the handle, makes it separated from the chair then turn the footrest outward and lift it up, it can be easy take-off.

Fixing Up : It is the reverse step of the Taking off.



When you want to charge your Zip Lite please make sure the power is turned off and the freewheel levers are in the drive position. Please insert B port insert your power supply hole. And please insert the A end into the charger port in the controller

Attention: VISSCO advise all the users to use the VISSCO charger, the different charger may cause the person to injure or hurt the battery.

The wheelchair is designed to assist in your individual mobility needs. Any usage outside which do not obeying this manual may result in damage to the chair or injury to the user or third party.


1. Do not lift the wheelchair by the armrests

2. Do not lift the wheelchair by the footrest brackets

3. You can program the controller in conjunction with your supplier to fine-tune the wheelchair performance characteristics.

The VISSCO wheelchair is designed to operate on two Ul (2 x 35 Ah) gel, or sealed lead acid, maintenance-free batteries. Since they are scaled, there is no need to check the electrolyte(fluid) level.



One example of the indicator light on the charger gives advice as follows:

• Red - Power on

• Amber - Battery charging

• Green - Charging complete


Please refer to the LED indicator description based on the charging status of the charger.

1. The active user will need to charge the batteries after using approximately more than 30% of battery capacity. As an inactive user, only using from once a week to every other day, the recharge point would be at 50% of the discharge.

2. In only using for a short distance each day, it is advisable to charge at the end of each week.

Batteries should be kept fully charged at all times. They must not be left in a discharged state if not using the unit for some umc. The batteries should be checked once a month and recharged as needed. To recharge the, connect the charger to the Charging Port at the front of the VSI on the charger.

ATTENTION. • Do not leave the charger plugged into the Charging Port if the charger is not charging. This charger is for indoor use only.

• Do not expose it to rain or water spray.

• Do not cover the battery charging pole.

• Always keep the battery dry, never to use it deeply output, and never to charge it more than 12 hours.


How to improve the using of the battery.


1. Please charge the battery before you first using. Usually, this time needs 8-10 hours.

2. Please make sure you have used all the power before the second charging. Then to charge it for 8-11 hours.

3. Please make sure to cycle that for 5 times, so that your battery is in the deeply cycle, can be used for long life.

4. A deeply cycle of the battery can protract the battery life. So stunt people charge it ruleiessly, or store it without charge. may hurt the battery, so the life is short than others.


Battery Installation.

1. Cut off the power

2. Make sure the Zip Litt is in the drive mode.

3. Cut the connection between the controller and the battery case




Operation of the controller.

1. On-Off Button: This button turns the joystick controller (hereinafter referred to as VSI) on and off. Do not use this button to stop them, except in an emergency.

2. Battery display: This is a 9-segment display, which indicates if the VSI is switched on and gives the state of charge of the battery. (from left to right 2 red bars, 3 amber bars and 4 green bars means battery full)

3. Maximum Speed Indicator: This is a 5-segment display, which indicates the maximum speed setting selected.

4. Horn Button: This button operates the wheelchair horn.

5. Speed Decrease Button: This button decreases the maximum speed.

6. Speed Increase Button: This Button Increases the maximum speed.

7. Joystick: This controls the speed and direction of the. Push the joystick in the direction you want to go. The further you push it. the faster the speed will be. Releasing the joystick will automatically engage the brakes and stop them.

8. Charging Port for Off-Bord Charger: Only plug into this port with the qualified charger certified by the original manufacturer of the. The port should not be used as a power supply for any other electrical devices. The behavior against the two statements above will void the warranty of them. The controller can be fitted to suit either right or left-handed users.



Fault solving of the controller.

The Self-Help Guide (Table I) is intended to assist in the location of a fault that may occur in a certain part (tithe. If after checking out the fault from the table below and the fault is still showing, do not use them. Turn off the power and consult your provider immediately.





            BATTERY GAUGE                                                                            

           POSSIBLE FAULT                                                               


Controller alarm 2 times first, then 7 times

Turn on controller but joystick did not return to the neutral position      

Put joystick return to the neutral

 position,then turn . controller

Controller alarm 9 times and 9 Bars lighted     

Possible controller fault or voltage is too low

Contact with provider or charge the battery

Controller Mart. times .d 8 Bars lighted

Possible controller fault

Contact with provider

Controller alarm 7 times and 7 Bars lighted

Possible joystick fault or disconnected

Put joystick return to the neutral

position or connect plug tightly

Controller alarm 6 times and 6 Bars lighted

Possible controller over current

Turn off controller the restart

Controller alarm 5 time and 5 Bars lighted

Right-hand brake fault or disconnected

Reconnect plug

Controller alarm 4 times and 4 Bars lighted

Right-hang motor disconnected

Reconnect plug

Controller alarm 3 times and 3 Bars lighted

Left-hand Make fault or disconnected

Reconnect plug

Controller alarm 2 times and 2 Bars lighted

Left-hand motor disconnected

Reconnect plug

Controller alarm 1 time and 1 Bar lighted

Low battery voltage

Charge the battery




Your wheelchair is made up of two main parts.

1. The seat part: different kinds of the scat arc design for the requirement of the VISSCO set of the footplate and other small parts. 

2. The driving parts: it is the best important of the Zip Lite contain the controller, motor with gearbox battery, a set of the front wheel, the rear wheel and the anti-wheel.

1. Armrest

2. Joystick Controller                                      

3, Charging Port

4. Scat

5. Standard Swing Away Leg rcst

6. Front Castor (8" PU tire)

7. Rcar Drive Wheel widc pneumatic urc,

8. Anti-tip Wheel 9.Push Handle (foldable for compact storage and transportation)


Folding spraying steel frame

Rear Wheel

12" PU tyre

Front Caster

8" PU tyre


flip-up armrest with soft PU pad

Side Panel



detachable soft sandwich mesh fabric cushion, double layers


swing-away, detachable

Safety Belt


Max. User weight


Max. Speed


Distance per Charge


Climbing Ability



24V/I 2AH, lead-acid battery


250wx2, without electromagnetic brake, its stop rein on the resistance

Rear Wheel 12" PU tyre


homemade controller with joystick, it can be changed for left hand operation




(Ipc/carton, 720*450*820mm)

Overall Lenght


Overall height


Overall Width


Back height


Seat Height


Seat Depth


Seat Width


Folded Width


Armrest Height


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